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Welcome to the Driven Motorsport website. Whilst it is basic it provides adequate information on our workshop, services offered and our contact details.
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Driven Motorsport - located at 2/1 Playford Crescent, Salisbury North, South Australia. Whilst our passion is Japanese performance vehicles we are experienced with most major manufacturers, basically if you care about your car, we want to care for it. At Driven we believe that our honest, quality work and fair pricing speaks for itself. We never use sub-quality parts or never ‘up-sell’ unless we would use and replace the component on our own cars. Our motto is that our clients will have the work done right the first time, on time and at the agreed price.

The majority of our work is through word of mouth, we are very proud of this.

- With our modern and clean facility we are able to now boast -
-Full mechanical specialist work
-Log book and service maintenance/repairs
-Custom Fabrication in Mild/Stainless/Aluminium
-Auto electrical diagnosis/repair/wiring
-Track preparation and building (specialising but not limited to Mitsubishi and Subaru)
-Dyno tuning incl ECU flashing (open source of licence based) and aftermarket ECU's
-In house clean room for engine machining and building through Andrew Frizell of Eastwood Engines
-Aftermarket parts supply through Megan of Yaruki Road
-Client lounge w/ complimentary drinks

 - We are proud dealers of the following brands -

Thanks for visiting, do not hesitate to contact us for any of your automotive needs.