Just a handful of testimonials from our amazing and varied customers. For a full list of our reviews, check out our Facebook page.

Andrew - Subaru WRX

Big thank you to Jon, Megan and the team at Driven Motorsport for operating on my pride & joy. The upmost care and respect was taken with my car and the level of customer service was well above my expectations. Although I reluctantly spent a lot of money, they made the process very easy explained each step as it happened. In the end I actually felt good about spending the money (even if my wife didn’t). My car is running better than it ever has before and is now much stronger than it has ever been to ensure it can handle its own power. I can not recommend these guys enough. Once again a big thank you!!!

Jayden - Nissan Exa

Jon and the team always go above and beyond in all aspects of their work. They make you feel welcome and like a friend instead of just a consumer. Wish I could give them 6 out of 5.

Jamie - Toyota Cressida

The guys from Driven did a great job replacing heaps of old and perished parts on my mx83 cressida, some of which were no easy feat to accomplish, as well as many diagnostic checks which came back fine. Zero issues, zero fuss, extremely competitive pricing, and very friendly. I know where I'll be going again when I need more (read never ending) work done.

Ian - Mitsubishi Evolution TME

Although I live down south , Jon was my choice to work on my TME.
I thought the engine had blown a head gasket . Jon and his team could not reproduce the major bubbles in the radiator I had seen on revving for 3 cycles of cooling fans after a top tank repair. He confirmed there was no exhaust gas in the coolant and checked compressions. Great professional investigation confirmed no problem. (must have been air lock). Jon saved me from unnecessary work and expense. I thoroughly recommend Driven Motorsport.

Leigh - Subaru WRX

Can’t wipe the smile from my face. Thanks sooo much driven absolutely stoked.

Harley – Mitsubishi Evolution VII

“Friendliest and most down to earth mechanics I know. Always wants the best for the customer and pricing is very competitive. And not down south for once.”


Richard – Subaru WRX

“Driven Motorsport are a credit to Adelaide's JDM scene, in this day and age they deliver good wholesome customer service - the kind your pappy used to tell you about.”



Jess – Subaru Forester GT

“Megan is fantastic, I had my car defected, called them straight away and booked in to have it all fixed, then I left my bank card in my car, megan went and got it and put it in a safe place, then I needed to have my tyres replaced and megan drove it to the tyre place, this type of service is unheard of in today's society, it was a pleasure doing business with you guys and will definitely be back for more work..”



Ryan – Mitsubishi Evolution IX

“Can't ask for a better group of people to entrust your pride and joy with. Absolute pleasure to deal with. It's amazing how far this team has come in such a short time and it can only get better (by better I mean more Cosmo mags in the office :P). 
Thanks for fixing the exhaust leak guys.”



Joel - Mitsubishi RVR

“Massive thanks to Jon for the recent service, car feels great!
Excellent communication from both Jon and Megan throughout the whole process.
I will be recommending you to anyone who cares to listen.”



James – Subaru WRX

“Awesome workshop with awesome people!!!”



Josh – Nissan S15

“Professionalism, perfection and attention to detail are just a few of the many great qualities at Driven, wouldn't trust my car in the hands of anyone else. Thank you to all the Driven team!”



Alex – Mitsubishi Evolution X

“Big thank you Jon for your work today mate!! Awesome place and awesome price.”



Peter – Mitsubishi Legnum

“I searched long and hard for an honest and reliable mechanic. The search is over! Jon and Megan (and now Jamie) are not only an awesome team but some of the nicest people you will meet. My cars are extremely well looked after and will be for many years to come.
Oh and the head usher Nos is awesome as well!”



Shane – Ford Falcon XR8

“Thanks to all down at Driven for not just fixing my ride but amending a few previous repairs last owner had done. Top stars for you.”



Jake – Mitsubishi Verada

“Once upon a time in Salisbury, there was a workshop.

Not just any workshop, but a motorsport workshop! In it lived a mechanic and his partner, and they were the nicest workshop owners in all the land!

One day, a handsome and noble prince named Jake Spee took his car to the workshop, because his car was sad. The mechanic came to the prince, and he was the nicest mechanic the prince had ever met! The mechanic was able to be so nice because he had a magic power... honesty! Oh yes, the mechanic was not just a mechanic, but an honest and sincere one. Like a wizard, although this is a true story, and wizards, they are not real, dear reader.

The prince entrusted his car with the mechanic at once, and the mechanic even offered to drive the prince to his castle to perform his princely duties while his car was serviced! When the prince came later that day to see the mechanic and pick up his car, the mechanic was still as friendly as ever after a hard day's work, and the car was happy again! Hooray! The mechanic spent over an hour just talking to the prince, about cars and life and the kingdom! The prince was most pleased and had a great time. The mechanic asked of the prince only a pittance for the outstanding work performed, and the prince was overjoyed when he took his car back across the countryside. The prince lived happily ever after with the car, and enjoyed seeing the mechanic and his fair maiden both at many social gatherings! It was the beginning of a great thing, and the prince looked forward to his next adventure in the land of Driven Motorsport.

The end... but not for long.”



Hong – Mitsubishi Evolution 6.5
“Big thanks to the dynamic duo Jon and Megan at Driven Motorsport! Car was in for its minor service (engine oil and what not) and an inspection to get a 2nd opinion by an ex-CP9A owner on the car's overall state to date. For what it's worth, Jon carried out the inspection whilst I was around to provide his feedback on my car, and that alone is worth its weight in gold to hear his expert opinion as well as set my mind free of any areas of concern. All in all, an excellent bunch to deal with, friendly, trustworthy, knowledgeable. Will be going there again despite the long drive because good help is hard to find.”



Ashlee – Subaru Impreza

“Just want to say a huge thank you for the team at Driven Motorsport for making my 07 Subaru see the road again after a long 7 months of not being able to drive what a great job done, it’s just like a brand new car again thanks again will definitely be recommending u guys and help getting the Driven Motorsport name out there thanks again.”



Carly – Nissan R32 Skyline

“Thanks Jon for servicing Gav's Skyline today we live at North Haven which is a good half hour drive to Driven but it’s worth it , very reliable, trustworthy and friendly ... congrats on your new business and we will definitely be back again and we will highly recommend you to other people with performance cars.”



David – Nissan Pajero

“Paj runs excellent..Thanks Jon Langhan.”



Scott – Mitsubishi VR4 Galant

“Only person who works on my car apart from me, this man knows his Mitsi's. You own a VR4 or Leggie in Adelaide, you're nuts for going anywhere else...”



Kai – Mitsubishi Evolution IX

“Fantastic service and great prices. They looked after my evolution and the head mechanic Jon really went the extra mile to make sure everything was done right. You won't go wrong with Driven, very passionate people who are actively involved in the car community and genuinely love what they do.”



Andrew – Mitsubishi Legnum

“I have purchased bits and pieces through Jon and had him work on my car several times. Great to deal with and very helpful, would highly recommend him if anyone had any doubts.”



Jason – Mitsubishi Legnum

Greatest mechanic I have ever met; friendly guy who provides great service. Only trusted mechanic that I allow to work on my car. Thanks Jon



Shane – Mitsubishi Legnum

“The man keeps this car in check!! Nice guy who knows his stuff.. Cheers Jon.”



Marius – Mitsubishi Evolution VII

“Jon has helped me out heaps with my VII - great guy and knows his shit. Always has time to help - cheers mang!”



Allan – Nissan R33 GTR Skyline

“Had heaps of work done on my pride and joy! Coilovers, fuel pump, diagnostics! Wouldn’t go anywhere else.”



James – Mitsubishi Legnum

“I wouldn't trust anyone else with my cars.”